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At Travel Experiences Journey, our first and foremost policy is safety and well being of our employees, our business associates and most important our valued customers. We have zero tolerance policy towards any negligence on safety. Following the guidelines of government of India & WHO, we have made a comprehensive check list of Covid protocols. All our staffs are fully vaccinated and we do everything that is logically possible for the safety of all concerned. We are ready to welcome our guests with same vigor and excitement.

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Theme tours may focus on a particular interest of the client. In a general programme there is something for everybody but when we talk about theme tour, it is designed keeping in mind the special interest and demand of the clients. Travel Experiences Journey offers a variety of theme trips which are customized for the group.

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Traveling itself is an experience and when we add some unique features the level of excitement goes up exponentially. Vacationers today want to experience Something new and as they are tired of the same old tours and activities. In reality the tours and activities space is undergoing a radical reinvention of what exactly it means to experience something on vacation and that is why global tour operators are baking more customization into their products. We believe in formulating and creating new experiences for our clients that encompasses new places, cultures, cuisines, rituals, customs, styles of living and value added services. The experiences are integrated so aesthetically in our prograemme that you start experiencing life in different ways.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a positive social impact

Being an integral part of society we cannot disintegrate from issues those affect our society and its existence. Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is continuing commitment by businesses to integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations. Changes in the global environment increasingly challenge business around the world to look beyond financial performance, and to integrate social and environmental concerns into their strategic management.

Prior to August 2013 when the CSR act came into effect it has been a philanthropic activity. And in keeping with the Indian tradition, it was believed that every company has a moral responsibility to play an active role in discharging the social obligations, subject to the financial health of the company.


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